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Kitakits is an Android and iOS app that creates straightforward meetup.
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Through the years of experience and relentless studies

Imagine going on a super exciting journey of learning and practicing for many years. Yup, that's what I did! Through all those experiences and studying really hard, I've become super good at the things I love to do.

Dart - Flutter

Kitakits is built using Dart - Flutter. Dart is a cool language that can do lots of things. Big companies like Netflix and Uber use it. Flutter, though, is mainly for making mobile apps.

Firebase and Google Services

Kitakits is using Firebase and Google Services. Firebase by Google is like a helpful toolbox for making apps. It stores data, helps with logins, and works with different kinds of apps like Android, iOS, and more


Check out the great features Kitakits offer

User Friendly

Intuitive, easy to use, simply reliable tools for your daily and occasional meetup events


Provides you the best condition to accomplish your meetup events effectively, and efficiently

Individual  Event

Effectively create individual meeting up on which do you prefer for your events.

Simple and Effective

It achieved the simplicity and convenient way to discover the effectivity.

User Friendly

Check out Kitakits Beautiful Screen Design


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